Our Philosophy

At Be. Alice, we are guided by a set of core beliefs that shape everything we do:

1. Slow and Intentional Craftsmanship: We embrace a deliberate and unhurried creative process. Each piece we craft is a product of intention, mindfulness, and joy. We believe in creating items that bring thoughtfulness and happiness to your life.

2. Made-to-Order Philosophy: We are committed to reducing excess consumption. That's why we don't maintain stock. Instead, every piece is made to order, exclusively for you. We encourage you to consider your purchase carefully before clicking that Buy button. Your patience is rewarded with a unique piece crafted just for you.

3. Patience and Kindness: We believe in the virtues of patience and kindness. Please understand that crafting your piece takes time—typically 3-4 weeks. We appreciate your patience as we pour our dedication into creating something special for you.

4. Sustainable Materials: We are committed to sustainability. Instead of mining new metals, we use recycled silver and other base metals. Our zero-waste process includes recycling scrap and filing dust, contributing to a circular economy.

5. Local Artisans: We support local craftsmanship and tradition. Our pieces start as wax creations and are then cast by small, family-run casting houses across the UK, from London to Scotland. We cherish these relationships and the sense of community they bring. Your support sustains our local economy, and for that, we are grateful.

6. Ongoing Sustainability Efforts: We are dedicated to continuous improvement. We are actively working on enhancing our sustainability efforts, from carbon-neutral delivery to plastic-free packaging. It's a top priority for us, and we're committed to making a positive impact.

7. Authentic Imperfection: We take pride in creating pieces built to withstand the test of time. Our items undergo meticulous inspection and adhere to the highest standards of durability and comfort. While they may not be flawless, these imperfections tell a unique story in a world filled with mass-produced uniformity. We celebrate being true to ourselves and to you.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your support allows us to bring our values to life and create meaningful, sustainable, and authentic pieces for you to cherish.