Our Philosophy

At Be. Alice we believe:

- in a slow working process where your pieces are made with intentions and calm, bringing thoughtfulness and joy to your life

-our pieces are made to order, just for you: we don't produce stock. We believe we are already consuming too much. So please, think well about your purchase before pressing the Buy button. When you are ready, only then, your piece will be made just for you

- we believe in patience and kindness. Please be patient: your piece required an average of 3-4 weeks to be made by us, cast, finished and be ready for dispatch

- There is no need to mined new metals, there are already plenty around in other forms ready to be refined and recycled. We use only recycled silver and other base metals, in a circular zero waste process. We keep our scrap and filing dusts for our caster to recycled them too

- We make our pieces in wax and we outsource our castings to small, family-run casting houses here in the UK, from London to Scotland. We believe in honouring and supporting those small talented realities of craftsmanship and traditions and we keep our relationship with them sacred. It is your order that helps to sustain our local community and economy, so thank you. We could have outsourced this service to other country where the manufacturing is cheaper, saving money and increasing our margins, but this is what feels good and aligned with our ethics

- We pledge to do more in term of sustainability in the near future, from zero carbon delivery to zero plastic packaging: We are working on it and it's our top priority

- We made our pieces to stand the challenge of the time: each one is made and inspected many times, accomplishing the highest standards in terms of durability and comfort. Our pieces are not perfect though: they pass many hands before landing to yours and they show the signs of them. For us is an added values, in a world full of mass produced, same stuff made to please others, it's nice to be true to ourselves