Our Story

Who we are

Be. Alice is born by the passion/obsession of Alice for jewellery and design in general. She started making earrings for her friends since she could remember, but it was only after maternity (oh, hormones) that she decided to take this passion seriously and enrolled in a Jewellery Design and Production Diploma in Hatton Garden (London) where she graduated in September 2019 with a collection called By The Sea.

bubble ring band brass

The Brand

The name Be. Alice is the contraction of Alice's full name. She likes it because in English "Be", as for the verb To Be, holds a meaning of progression, evolution, something moving forward.

layred ring with uncut sapphire

The Design Process

At Be. Alice we create modern jewellery inspired by abstract art, natural shapes and influenced by the beauty of randomness. With few plans in mind before starting a new project, but surrounded by visual inspirations, tactile shapes and odd findings, Alice lets her intuition unfold shapes, direct gestures and create something unique each time. By borrowing techniques and tools from other crafts and combining them with the noble art of jewellery making, her pieces speak a language of hybridism and experimentation.

sapphire ring

Handcrafted in London

Our jewellery are made in London, from start to finish. We use the ancient lost-wax technique to create our pieces. The process starts by hand carving the waxes to make our masters. The waxes are then sent to a small, local casting house. When our components are back in the studio we finish them by hand, soldering elements together, setting stones if needed and buffing each piece for an extra smooth finish. For the packaging, we use only eco-friendly leatherette boxes and recycled cardboard or paper parcels to send our pieces out to the world.

waxes prototypes