Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-
Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-

Layered Ring -MADE TO ORDER-

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Discover the Layered Ring, one of Be. Alice's best selling creations, celebrated for its unparalleled bespoke craftsmanship. Each of these exquisite rings is a unique work of art, meticulously handcrafted by shaping and layering wax to achieve a design that is truly one-of-a-kind and tailored exclusively to you.

We take immense pride in preserving the age-old tradition of lost-wax casting. Your unique wax master, after leaving our workshop is then sent to a small, family-run casting house nestled in the heart of London. Here, it is transformed from wax to metal, cast in recycled bronze or silver, ensuring not only its unique design but also its ethical and sustainable production.

If you find your desired size missing from the options below or have specific requests, such as choosing silver or opting for gold plating, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our goal is to bring your customization ideas to life, making your Layered Ring even more special.

Please note that each piece is carefully handcrafted to order, a process that typically takes between 3 to 4 weeks. We appreciate your patience as we pour our dedication and expertise into crafting your personalized masterpiece.



SMALL: L - M UK, 6 - 6 1/2 USA, 51 1/2 - 52 1/2 mm EU

MEDIUM: N - O UK, 7 - 7 1/2 USA, 54 - 55 1/4 mm EU

LARGE: P - R UK, 8 - 8 3/4 USA, 56 1/4 - 58 1/2 mm EU

If you are unsure what size fits yoo better, please check this guide.


Dispatch time is usually within 1-2 working days (Monday to Friday) for jewellery ready to dispatch, and 4-6 weeks for jewellery made to order.

​Import duties and taxes are not the responsibility of Be. Alice and are to be paid by the customer if and where applicable. 

Since we are a London-based business, there have been some significant changes for customers buying from and importing to countries in the European Union (as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). 

Please use the form below to keep in touch if you have any queries.

Remember that your jewellery is made of an alloy (a mix of metals) that contains copper and it will eventually oxidise over time developing that dull and darker colour that is typical of antique metals. It will also leave dark marks on your skin. Don't worry, it is normal.

If you love that vintage and worn look (like we do) then watch your piece ageing slowly.

If worn metal isn't your thing, then you can treat your piece the way you would do with fine jewellery: store your jewellery in a dry, dark place (such as a jewellery box) and polish them frequently with a specific soft cloth.

Wear your pieces after applying perfume, creme, make-up and avoid contact with water.

If your jewellery is plated please note that plating is a temporary treatment, and sooner or later it will come off. 

Every brand has a slightly different system to measure ring sizes (take a look at the major brand ring size chart on their website, if you compare the inner diameter on those charts they don't always match with the corresponding size). 

Think of it like clothes' sizes: not always a "medium" size fit the body in the same way among all the brands around.

The same is true for rings. It largely depends on the mandrel (a jewellery tool) the jewelers use to make and then measure the ring. 

Slightly differences in diameter (a few mm) make a huge difference in terms of ring sizes.

We use our chart for determining the ring size on our website, but the most accurate way is to measure the inner diameter of a ring you already own. Please, if you can, take a look at the chart too.

If you still have any doubt about it, contact us by using the form below before placing your order. We are happy to assist you ❤️

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shiny happy people


Dear Alice, just to let you know that my wife absolutely loved her ring. It fitted perfectly and is really comfortable. She has yet to take it off, so thank you for all your efforts. 


The ring is everything I expected and then some! And it fits beautifully! I am so happy to add a piece of your art to my jewelry collection.  I will wear it for years to come.


Hi Alice, I have just received the ring, it's amazing! Love it so much. You are so gifted and talented. Thank you so much, I wil be back for more :)


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