A finely crafted lapis lazuli ring, seamlessly blending geometry and organic design.

Crafting A Unique Lapis Lazuli Ring: A Fusion of Geometry and Organic Elegance

"Like a golden cloud framing her own piece of the sky" that's what crossed my mind when I set this exquisite lapis lazuli.

I had this splendid, chunky, rose-cut lapis lazuli sitting on my workbench for quite a while, lacking a clear vision of what to create with it.

I was certain it had to be a ring, but the challenge lay in how to do it. None of the conventional settings seemed suitable for a stone of this size.

Then, a novel idea struck me: crafting something entirely fresh—a robust setting that would complement the stone's dimensions while juxtaposing its geometric form with a touch of organic, rounded, and effervescent design.

It required substantial effort, including extensive hammering post-casting, to ensure that this beautiful frame securely embraced the lapis lazuli. But doesn't it leave you in awe?

Sending love,

Alice x