That was fun!

That was fun!

I made 3 layered rings in bronze and sapphire for a shop in Australia.

The rings turned out beautifully, with so many layers and details, and the sapphire kept the cast so well (I am always a bit scared thinking of those stones "baked" overnight at such high temperatures).

As you can imagine my work is possible only with those amazing professionals that support me: without the expertise of my casters and the understanding of my gem suppliers non of my jewellery would be possible, so thank you, guys! You know who you are.

The rings going to be shipped today, and I cannot wait to hear the feedback!

If you are interested in one of our best-selling babies, I have just received a bunch of new rough sapphire from India that seems perfect for the job. They are another kind of pink, less saturated, but slightly more shining/transparent. Curious?

Please keep in touch if you have any questions!

Sending love,

Alice x

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That was fun!
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