ring size guide

Ring Size Guide

What is your ring size?

Is it a J, a 6.5 or a medium? It’s confusing right?

That’s because (almost) every country has its own way to measure the dimention of the finger: in UK we use the letter, in America it’s numbers, in some website you find only small-medium-large..

So what’s your ring size anyway?

I found 3 easy way to measure your ring size:

1) buy a ring sizer (like this one -not an affiliate link!). They are inexpensive, plastic miniature belts. All you need to do is tighten the band around your finger and read the size. Be careful please that the ring has to pass easily through the notch of your finger and it's better to take the measurement in the late afternoon (like shoes!).

2) take a ring that you already own, a simple band work beautifully for this, place it on a piece of paper and with a pen trace the inner circumference. Now with a ruler measure the inner diameter: that is your size in mm. Now, consult the chart below and see what's your size.

3) hit the image below and print the PDF, but be careful it has to be a1:1 print (check the ruler on the top with one you own it to make sure they overlap). Now take a ring that fits you and place it on the outlined circles until you find the perfect match! For a correct measure make sure you can see inside your ring only the pink colour without any white. Double check by placing your ring on the smaller size (this time you should see also some white around).

And that’s it! I hope this was helpful,

Sending love

Alice x