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How to Take Care of Pearls (and 5 amazing facts about them)

Hello there! 

As you may have noticed I do love pearls, my favourite ones are the baroque with their uneven and unique shapes, so different from one another, uneven texture, rich colour, big dimension with light weight.

Today I'd like to talk a bit more about pearls and why they are so cool:

1) they are considered the most sustainable "gemstone": in fact, pearls are cultivated in factory by inserting a foreign material inside the mussel that can't expelled, so to reduce irritation the mollusc coats the intruder with the same secretion it uses for shell-building, called nacre, and when they are ready the pearls are harvest (and not mined like the gemstones)

2) the production of pearls has not waste: everything in pearls are used, from the shells (to make mother of pearls for buttons, inlay, jewellery..) to the meat (used as food, fertiliser, bait), to the pearl itself

3) lots of women are employed in pearls farms (which is unlike in gemstone mined working)

4) pearls are the gemstone for the month of June

5) be careful though when choosing pearls: there is not one standard classification for the quality of pearls, every factory has its own classification, so the AAA quality from one factory could mean AA+ to another

Now, let’s see how to take care of pearls:

- pearls are in some way still alive and they benefit from the contact of your skin's oil, it keeps them hydrated! so keep wear them

- the surface of the pearls is porous: to keep them happy it's important to avoid contact with makeup, perfume, hairspray, just wear your jewellery when you are ready to go out

- to clean the pearl just use a lukewarm water and a soft cloth

- to avoid scratches on pearl's surface, keep your jewellery inside a cotton pouch

Hope you enjoy it!

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