How To Layer Necklaces: 7 Steps To Do It Right - Be. Alice

How To Layer Necklaces: 7 Steps To Do It Right

Who doesn't like that look effortless but sophisticated, boho but elegant with multiple necklaces worn together? I think it's perfect to make even the simplest look stand out, like a classic slightly oversize white tee or a V neck overlap dress.

I'm a bit obsessed with layered necklaces to be honest, but combine them properly it's not as easy as it looks like because the Aunt Yetta effect of random pieces thrown together is always around the corner.

There are some not-so-secret rules to do it best, let's see them together:

1) Choose one colour, one metal: do you prefer gold or silver? Which one suits you best based on your skin/hair colours? stick to that one.

2) Less is more: I recommend layer 2 to 3 necklaces, no more than this,

3) The necklaces have to be thin, elegant chains. I love Box and Curbs chains because even in the thinnest diameter they are strong enough to stand a bit of pull that sometimes happens. A slightly bigger ones are the Gauge Wire or Cable and the Popcorn and they are perfect to be the first necklace. Speaking about diameter, I would recomend to stay between 1.5 and 3 mm.

4) if you cannot resist the temptation of a chunky necklace, at least make it to be the shorter one, if it's a choker even better. Please consider that an important piece like the necklaces in the Tiffany HardWear collection works beautifully on their own.

5) The first necklace you put in a layer could be a 16-18 inch chain with a small sparkle as a pendant. That is the one that first catches the eyes and highlights the neck and the dress, so we want it to be luminous!

6) The second necklace could be a 20-24 inch chain with a small pendant like a small letter, a good luck charm, a baroque pearl, a small tarot card, an amulet, a small cross, an heart.. you have the idea now, right?

7) the last necklace is the longer one, and it will be between 22 and 26 inch. It could have a bigger pendant like an ancient coin or an elongated bullet-shaped charm like the Figa Hand pendant.

..and that's it! Now go and try wearing your favorite necklaces together.

Please consider these steps as a general, personal guide, and not set-in-stone rules. The most important rule, as always, is to have fun and be yourself! If you have some advice on how you layer your necklace, please send me an email and share them with me!

Sending love

Alice x