band ring with bubble

Bubble Ring

Who remembers these babies?

They were called Arlecchino's crown on the old website and were one of my best selling  designs.


The concept is simple: is a wide band (5 mm) full of popped bubbles with stones cast-in-place on top. Some of the stones showed off in the final ring, many of them just sank down in the band, leaving their traces in the metal.

I stopped making them because the results were very variable from piece to piece, and they were so time consuming, but it is not excluded that I will make more of them in the future (would love to have them with a narrow band, perhaps even without stones).
For now I have found these five rings in my studio and I added them straight away in the shop. 
The price is very little, as they are a discontinued design.
I hope you like them, and who knows maybe one day they will be back!
Sending love
Alice x

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That was fun!
Bubble Ring